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Box cutter are manufacture and design to open the box, or to cut and to give more productivity on work time with user’s safety. Box cutter come in a wide range of design, sizes, styles and colors depending on the box that needs to be cut.

Easy cut box cutter:
The Easy cut box cutter is the latest development in the step toward making the safest box cutter for the user and the product inside the box which you have to open. Always safe and over 25 million users use this box cutter. This box cutter is perfect for using in warehouse, retail, industries, Wall-mart, Amazon store and even home environments, the fear of unnecessary cuts while using this box cutter eliminated with their use.
Easycutonline.com is your source for the safest box cutter and box opener on the market. We open boxes, not fingers!

Folding Knife:

A folding knife is specially design to easily fit into the pocket. Fold-able knife is normally use for commercial purpose, because this knife can be folded so the user can easily put inside an apron or pocket. This type of knife has sharp blades to slice any cardboard box, fruit boxes and many other thick cardboard boxes. This knife have almost 5 to 15 centimeters blade length and due to exposed blade when extended this knife are so perfect at cutting fingers , hand ,damaging product inside the box or anything else that come in their path while using.

Snap Blade Knife:
A snap knife box cutter have feature to hide the sharp cutting blade, keeping it secure and safe while it is not in used. It has a small handle that moves up and down and adjusts the blade and allow the blades in different sizes in length. This blade knife is generally use in art and craft, cutting packing tape, slicing the thermopile. It is not give the best result in cutting card board boxes or in industrial usage. Snap blade knives are best in cutting very thin cardboard boxes, papers.

Scraper Knife:

A scraper knife has an adjustable feature that can move up and down. Scraper knife is perfect choice when trying to get into packaged box then want to make it smaller so that it will be fit into the trash, they are specially design for cutting flat surface and cardboard boxes. Scraper knives can be used to get unstuck from cement and tile floors. Scraper knife have a wide range of sizes and colors.

utility Knife:

A utility is commonly uses for knife cutters, utility knife is generally uses in utility, kitchen, construction, ware house, Store and many other places and other purposes. Utility knife come in wide range of size, colors, styles and design .some utility knife have fixed blade model but some have replacement able. Now days, the word "utility knife" also known for small folding knife or box cutter. Utility knife is one of the today’s safest knives.