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A utility knife is used for cutting, general and utility purpose. The first design of utility knife is a fixed blade knife which is mostly prefer to use for general work such as cutting ropes , clothes, butchering animals, cleaning fish and other purposes. Now days the term utility knife also use for folding and other types of knives. which are mostly use in construction and manufacturing industries. Utility knife are most common cutting tool for kitchen.

History of utility knife:

The first utility knife comes to know around 500,000 years ago, when human started to make stone made knifes. These knife were design and manufacture for general purpose like for cutting and shaping woods, preparing of food, scraping hides and other general purposes.
From the start of 19th century the shape utility knife and design was evolved into steel bladed knife. In this era Back spring was invented , this invention make a huge change in utility knifes, because with the help of back spring pocket size utility knives were introduced with folding blades and other folding handy tools were manufacture. Then the new invention and changes are made to make utility knife more useful in all purposes like industries, homes, stores, wall marts etc.

Modern utility knives:

The fixed blade utility knife and folding utility knife is popular for both indoor and outdoor usage. One of the most popular utility knives in industries and work places is the retractable or folding utility knife also know as ( box cutter, easy cut utility knife and other several names). These type of utility knife is special design and manufacture for multiple purpose, for using it in different type of work places like. Amazon store, commercial places , industrial solution.

Different names of utility knife:

  • In British, Australian and New Zealand English a utility knife is known as a Stanley knife.
  • In Israel and Switzerland, utility knife are known as Japanese knives.
  • In India, the Philippines, France, Italy, Egypt, and Germany, they are known as cutter.
  • Other names for the utility knife tool are box cutter or boxcutter, hand cutting tool, box opener, paper cutter, carton cutter.

Different design of utility knifes:

Utility knifes are manufactured in many different designs like, Fixed, folding, replaceable blades and many more. These all utility knifes come in a wide range of size, colors, and styles. Mainly for outdoor usage like camping or hurting you need (3-5 inch) fixed blade, while replaceable utility knife is mainly use in industrial and commercial purpose.

Fixed blade utility knife:

Utility knives having Large fixed-blade are generally use for outdoor purpose such as fishing, camping. Picnic and animal hunting. Outdoor utility knifes have a feature of large size fixed blade (3-5 inch) in length
Utility knife also have small fixed blade which use for art and crafts, food solution and kitchen usage. The small fixed blade is best in cutting thin and lightweight materials.

Industrial utility knives:

Retractable and replaceable blades utility knife are mostly uses industries, and workplace, these blades utility knife is made up of die-cast metal or plastic. In which some have razor blades, and some are specialized double-ended utility blades.
The user can adjust the length and size of the blade that how far blade should be extends for example: the knife can be use as box opener to open the packing of box without damaging the product inside. When the blade become dull so it can be easily replace with the new one.

Easy cut products are prefect utility knife, for use for opening the boxes, have replaceable and adjustable blade feature with lanyard and holster. This utility knife is design for user and product safety.